Relationship between love, sex and money

       According to the oxford advanced learners dictionary, relationship is defined as the way in which two people, group or counties behave towards each other or deal with each other. Love is the showing of feeling of affection for somebody or something, sex in this context is said to be the physical activity between two people in which they touch each other sexual organs, and which may include sexual intercourse while money is said to be what you can get by working or selling things.

       I have once heard someone talk about love being the name white sex is the game. Does it mean there can’t be love without sex.

       From the definitions of the above terms, one thing is common “exchange”,

       “Response to stimulii “. Hence, does not mean that one cannot give without expecting this is where the difference comes in. in transacting business, it is expected that the due reciprocate the deals but should not be so I love.

Love should not be traded for sex or sex for money. Most guys love for sex while most ladies have decided to give sex so as to get loved by their “dream” guy. Why do you think this guy will still want you after getting that which had been his “dream/mission”?

       Something motivates people to act. When someone sets a goal, work towards it and finally achieve it. It is not expected that the person keep chasing what he’s got. This is one of the reasons why guys don’t love after sex.

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       For the fact that a girl demands a lot could make the guy  not want anything else than the sexual pleasure. This calls for the reason behind “he took advantage of me and dumped me”. Well, it could be true, but do you think you would have wanted to be around him if he was stingy?

       This is enough to answer   the question because something also made him to be that “nice guy” to you; could be your shape, your look or trying to get back at something.

       When you define what you really want from a relationship , it helps you to know things you are expecting from it.


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