Love letter from Access Bank on MMM

Love letter from Access Bank on MMM

Hi dear MMM participants, this is an important information from your bank (ACCESS BANK) that started caring all of a sudden. Don’t be surprised more banks will send same message to discourage participants.

Dear Esteemed Customer,
It has come to the attention of the Bank that some customers are engaged in the Ponzi scheme called ‘MMM’. Please be advised that this scheme is not in line with any applicable or known investment product and may ultimately lead to loss of funds on the long run.
We advise that customers avail themselves of genuine and approved investments products in the Nigerian banking environment.

Thank you for choosing Access Bank.

Now the question is:

  1. Access Bank, when did you start caring for your customers?
  2. How many lives have you touched since you started operation?
  3. How many customers have you given loan and collect less than 5 percent?
  4. How many of your customers have you given 5% interest on their money you are using to lend to other businessmen whom you and other banks “seize their lives” if they do not pay on time or fail to pay as possibly the business they did with it did not yield?
  5. You are concerned because the scheme is making you not have enough cash that is “breathing under your nose” for you to do your other businesses and possibly close your account for the year while the customers who owns this money keep begging for food.
  6. How many customers have you  sent mail not to engage in sports Betting?
  7. How many of your customers have you sent mail on latest business opportunities and possibly fund their business startup?
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The money customers keep under your is more risky than MMM


  1. The value of money in Nigerian Banks do not add value.
  2. You deduct money from customer’s account at will
  3. How much do you get when you deduct N10 from million customers? You see that even leaving my money with you is riskier.

This does not mean that MMM is not risky…Everything business is a risk. Besides, the notice is well stated that what participants provide is help/donation and not investment.

Only participate with your spare money.



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