Fidelity Bank Dial4Cash- Withdraw money without ATM card

Fidelity Bank Dial4Cash- Withdraw money without ATM card

Fidelity Bank Dial4Cash is one of the value added services from Fidelity Bank Instant Banking Product (*770#) which enables customers to make cardless withdrawals from ATM machines.

This service enables all Fidelity bank Instant Banking customers to make withdrawals from the ATM machine without their debit cards.

The new service, Dial4Cash is available on all Fidelity Bank ATMs and Paycode enabled ATM machines of other banks.

How it works How Fidelity Bank Dial4Cash work

  • Customer must be enrolled on Instant Banking
  • Dial *770*8*Amount# or *770# follow the prompts and select Dial4Cash from the menu.
  • Only multiples of N1,000 can be withdrawn. Hence the minimum withdrawal limit per transaction is N1,000.
  • Create a one-time 4 digit PIN for use at the ATM for withdrawal
  • Enter Instant Banking PIN to confirm the transaction
  • A Paycode is generated and send as SMS to your phone
  • The paycode and one-time 4 digit Pin created can also be sent to 3rd parties to make withdrawals at the ATM
At the ATM
Press any key or enter to startEnter the one-time 4 digit PIN created earlier

Enter the amount and take your cash

Select Dial4Cash or paycode cashoutEnter the paycode generated
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