www.ultimatecycler.com Has Ultimate Cycler crashed- Ultimate cycler crash report

www.ultimatecycler.com Has Ultimate Cycler crashed- Ultimate cycler crash report

For days now, Ultimate cycler members have been shut out, Ultimate cycler members can no longer login to their Ultimate Cycler account at www.ultimatecycler.com.

This situation created panic among Ultimate Cycler members, especially those that had in the past invested their money and possibly introduced their friends and family members who have also invested their money.

The question now is: Will Ultimatecycler.com come back online again?

If yes, When will Ultimatecycler.com come back online?

For this reason we porting a review as made by financialwatchngr.com from their technical team at Nigeria Today.

What is Ultimate Cycler?

Ultimate Cycler is a Ponzi Schme created by Peter Wolfing that’s promises to give members up to 300% return on investment.

It’s a 2×2 cycler with a direct member to member compensation plan that allows for 100% instant payout on commissions. There are 6 matrix levels to earn from, but your out of pocket expense is only a 1 time $25 (N12,500) with no monthly fees or admin fees.

It all starts with a 1 time $25 (N12,500) to get into your first matrix. Depending on how you choose to build, this may be the only payment you ever have to make, everything else can come out as profit. This 1 time $25 (N12,500) payment gets you access to the back office, all the products, the marketing system etc.

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Your matrix has 2 levels consisting of 6 spots (2 on the 1st level, 4 on the second). Your second level is your payline. So when a slot is filled on your second level, either by your efforts or someone else’s, you earn 100% ($25 x 4). When all 6 spots are fille, you cycle out and have the option to activate another matrix and get paid all over again.

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There are only 5 higher levels matrixes ($50, $100, $200, $400 and $800) which all function the exact same way.

What has happened to the Ultimate Cycler Website?

The Ultimate Cycler website has been down for more than 48 hours. A visit to the website before showed the following message:


The site owners promises the site will be back between 6 – 12 hours but  it has been over 48 hours and same message

Why is the Ultimate Cycler website down?

Over the past 72 hours so many people have troop to the Ultimate Cycler website. Perhaps up to a million people might have joined. This means server resources are consumed faster and more aggressively due to the numerous number of request on the server.

Unfortunately, the founders of the Ponzi Scheme, might not have put in place a server that can accommodate millions, so as the site gets millions of visits, the server could possibly run out of resources and get down.

This is the most logical explanation from a technical point of view.

When will the Ultimate Cycler website come back online?

This is a difficult question but how long it will take if it is site move to another server depends on the people running the site and on the size of the files and database.

Note: This is only a review made by financialwatchngr.com

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