Ovulating and pregnancy women senses snakes and gay around them

Ovulating and pregnancy women senses snakes and gay around them

Researchers have found out that women in ovulation period can sense snakes and gay men around them; they did this by hiding snakes around a garden and asked a group of women to detect the snakes as quickly as possible. The research found out that among the group of women the ovulating and pregnant women detected the hidden snakes much quicker than the women who weren’t ovulating.

The researchers explained that this is because they have a heightened sense of detecting danger in their surroundings other than non ovulating women, this could also be linked to survival instincts.

This wasn’t it.

In a similar Research, the researchers also found out that Pregnant women have another incredible superpower. They are able to detect and distinguish group of men, the ones that are gays and the ones that are straight. Not lesbians, mind you. Jut gay. The explanations to this is because gay men are less likely to abandon a woman for another female. They stick to one woman, and no matter what they woman does, they can never be displeased to leave the lady to another woman. In order words, gay men do not womanize, they don’t have interest in women at all. Smart!

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