New Zealand fisherman attacked by a great white shark

New Zealand fisherman attacked by a great white shark

A New Zealand fisherman captured a  video about his encounter with a great white shark that stalked his boat for several minutes.

Sean McCormack commended that,  he was fishing in the early afternoon in his small boat off Red Beach, north of Auckland, when the shark approach  his boat and took the burley bag he was using to lure fish to his location.

McCormack said the shark, which he captured, appeared to be as long as his 12-foot boat.

“It totally freaked me out,” he told One News Now. “I was trembling like a schoolgirl. I was totally adrenalized, mate.”

He said the shark broke his line, stole his catch, and knocked into his boat with its tail before swimming away.

McCormack furthermore said that the shark was the first great white he has encountered in his 30 years of fishing.

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