MMM Nigeria Update- MMM Nigeria is being stabilized for continuity

MMM Nigeria Update- MMM Nigeria is being stabilized for continuity

We all know what it takes to get in a breeze mode and come back. There are lots of work that need to be done for it to keep running normal, especially when  it is being worked on for long lasting.

Lots of changes are being put in place which will be visible on participant’s  PO.

The system is trying to get back into full operations and is still trying to readjust after the freeze, hence it might take a little time. and importantly, it is not just GH that is dished out a little slowly but also PH.

If PH was coming in speedily in monstrous amounts and GH going out in tiny bits and slowly, that would have been a reason for fear. however, this is not the case as the outflow is proportionate to the inflow.

The difficulties been experienced when trying to access certain features on the PO particularly the GH button is as a result of the implementation of the mechanisms of the new model which will guide the functioning of the community this year.

This new model will close all the loopholes that made the community weak in the 2016 and will make MMM Nigeria user friendly.

It will make the community immune to crash and imbalance by ensuring that GH is always at par with PH, it will solve the problem of fake POP completely, it will eliminate delays in confirmation and will make it impossible for participants to GH massively without PH { A recipe for imbalance}.

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Construction, testing and retesting is going on so as to ensure perfect functioning when implemented. Such a huge remodeling requires meticulous and thorough sumption.

MMM Nigeria is in the final phase of implementing its new feature.

MMM Nigeria Update- MMM Nigeria is being stabilized for continuity: To register on MMM Nigeria, CLICK HERE

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