How to make unlimited income through Bitcoin in Nigeria

How to make unlimited income through Bitcoin in Nigeria

Making money in Nigeria is not all about working hard 24/7 on a paycheck, it’s not all about buying bitcoin and holding it and waiting for the price to go up for you to sell.

Bitcoin (BTC) is a peer-to-peer digital currency that was developed to remove the need for a third party trusted authority, and instead it relies on intrinsic security through the means of cryptographic hashes.

Removing a central authority (A government, bank, etc.) means reduction in fees and lower paper works especially, when it has to do with huge sum.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with using Bitcoin:

Advantages of using Bitcoin:

  • It  can be used globally by anyone irrespective of age, sex, background, religion etc.
  • It is somewhat anonymous.
  • It cost less to use.
  • No setup required.

Disadvantages of using Bitcoin:

  • The worth of Bitcoin fluctuates.
  • It is not as mainstream as other options (Credit Card, Paypal etc).

How to make unlimited income through Bitcoin in Nigeria


In as much as buying and selling of bitcoin can make you money in Nigeria, there are better ways of doing this than just buying to stock and wait for the price to appreciate. The first set of persons that discovered Bitcoin are the ones that made it big. This does not mean you cannot still make good money through Bitcoin today but not as the initial Bitcoin investors/buyers.

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Ways to make unlimited income through Bitcoin in Nigeria

  1. Accepting Bitcoin payment through your Website

    The easiest method of earning Bitcoin is through integrating Bitcoin Payment button on your site. There are lots of sites that offer this service. They are: BitPay, Coinbase, GoCoin, Stripe etc.

  2. Earn Bitcoins through peer to peer help schemes

    If you are just a beginner, you’ll need to create Bitcoin account/wallet at BLOCKCHAINCoinbase and or any other you want to use.

After creating the wallet, you can sign up with any of these schemes that pay you up to 100% within a period of time.

a. MMM-Cash: This is one of the ways to make cool money as its payout is 60% in 15days, 10% referral bonus. . CLICK HERE TO JOIN

b. Get Help Worldwide: This gives you 50% of your pledged help in 30days. CLICK HERE TO JOIN

c. NNN Bitcoin: NNN is still paying and it pays 55% in 21days. CLICK HERE TO JOIN

3. Earn Bitcoin by trading

Buying and selling of Bitcoin is one of the easiest ways to make money through Bitcoin. You can watch the market, purchase when the price comes down and sell when it goes up. This is a cool way of making cool cash through Bitcoin. There are platforms you can register with to do this. We recommend LOCALBITCOIN. After creating the account, you’ll have a Bitcoin wallet. This wallet makes it easy when you are buying and selling as they make use of escrow. The Escrow service means that when you are buying from a seller, the amount of Bitcoin you want to buy is reserved in the escrow so that the seller will not sell it to another buyer and collect money. This porotects you from being scammed. Do you have question on this? Use the comment box and we’ll reply every question.

4. Request to be paid in Bitcoin

We are still new in the world of cryptocurrency and you can count how many companies that can pay her workers with Bitcoin. If your organization knows and deals on items related to Bitcoin, accepts Bitcoins payment, trades Bitcoin, it’s time you asked them to also pay you in Bitcoin. Whatever is good for the goose is also good for the gander. But do not mandate them to if they are not ready to because am still managing my job and do not have one to offer you if your company kick you out…just joking.

5. Earn Bitcoin completing task (Survey & Offers)

There are lots of sites out there that pays you when you complete task. find them out and becareful you do not waste your time.

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