Get 1 Million visits to your blog monthly without SEO

Get 1 Million visits to your blog monthly without SEO

Get 1 Million visits to your blog monthly without SEO is a post that tries to educate you on how you can systematically drive up to One (1) Million monthly visits to your blog and earn enough money from your blog at the end of the month.

It is said that traffic is money and learning to drive traffic to your blog or site is an Act that needs careful and intelligent input though not too hard to do but something you might have known but not careful enough to implement it.

There are lots of reason you’ll want to drive traffic to your blog or site:

Reasons to Get 1 Million visits to your blog monthly without SEO

  1. Search Engine Optimization tends to be a difficult act and not everyone can do it.
  2. Most strategies you might want to implement to rank high on google might actually end up hurting your site.
  3. Trying to do search Engine Optimization will make your mind to move away from the real thing which satisfying your readers or audience as you’ll want to stuff and stuck keywords on your post with little or no information.
  4. Another reason to Get 1 Million visits to your blog monthly without SEO is that your blog need to start from somewhere and not just concentrating on the hard part which is SEO.
  5. You need cash/ego/kudi don’t you? it’s another reason to Get 1 Million visits to your blog monthly without SEO.
  6. SEO keeps changing, and no-one wants a penalty.

Strategies to Get 1 Million visits to your blog monthly without SEO

Monthly Views refers to the number of page views your blog gets every month. This means, the number of visits per one visitor’s IP address. Read here to understand difference between Pageviews and Unique Visitors

 To get 1 Million visits to your blog monthly without SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the first action is SMO (Social Media Optimization) and UXO (User Experience Optimization).

 To get Get 1 Million visits to your blog monthly without SEO, your blog need about 33, 334 (Thirty-three thousand, three-hundred and thirty-four) visits daily.

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How to Get 33,334 visits daily from Social Media Sites

  1.  Write Quality “Shareable” Contents everyday: By quality content, I mean you should start writing blog posts that is useful to people. Write posts that people will be glad to read, apply and share everyday without you naturally begging them to do that. People on social media sites, have other people within their network. These people in their network have almost similar interest. If you can get one of them to share your quality post on their profile, you are sure of getting other people within their social media network to visit your blog and share the quality content.
  2. Get More Readers/Subscribers: Writing quality “shareable” contents will get you more readers but this is dependent on much people read and share your quality content. You also need to depend on yourself to get more readers and subscribers. To get more readers, work on increasing the fans on your blog’s Facebook page, the followers on your Blog’s twitter profile and the number of followers on your Blog’s Google+ page. If you can get at least 20, 000 fans, 20,000 Twitter followers and 20,000 Google plus followers respectively you are sure to get at least one-third of all to visit your blog daily. Also, work on increasing the number of subscribers to your blog’s feed/RSS/email subscription daily. There are online tools to do this. Give your visitors reasons to subscribe for more updates.
  3. Be consistent with Blog Posts Updates: The good thing is, one person can visit your blog multiple times a day and it’ll be counted for you as not one person but multiple visits. To make people keep coming back to your blog daily, you need to give them enough reasons to do that. In addition to the things stated above, you also need to update your blog with useful contents at least once a day. Be consistent on your blog if you want a million monthly views on your blog without SEO. You need to be committed to doing the three things stated above in this post. Write quality “shareable” contents, get more readers and subscribers and be consistent with posting useful blog updates. And most importantly, you should measure your progress. You may not get to one million monthly views in one month but you can keep moving closer to it. When you do what I recommend and your blog’s traffic increases, you have a leverage to do more of it and in few months, you’ll be getting at least a million monthly views to your blog without SEO.
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How to Get 33,334 visits daily from User Experience Optimization without SEO

  1.  Optimize your Blog’s CTR: Getting visitors from social media is not enough. Do they read your blog? Do they engage with it? People do not engage with articles that are not relevant. They do not engage with low quality content that just makes them hit the back button. They do not engage with keyword-stuffed articles that clearly don’t really help. You need to give your users reasons to come back for more on your blog. And to do that, first impression matters. Make sure you work at giving your visitors a good first time impression. You can get this done by optimizing your blog’s click through rate (CTR). Make sure your post titles gives visitors reason to click and read. In other words, make it attractive and contain a strong promise of value. And when they do read the posts, they should see the value in the post.
  2. Make your blog and blog Post resourceful: You really want consistent traffic, so you must be consistent in giving out value. Value your readers by giving them useful things to find and read on your blog. You can use infographics, images and videos in your posts. These helps than just giving out only text. And in some instances, you could make a video of yourself talking to your readers and upload it on your blog. Showing who you are and offering value will increase your blog’s user experience.
  3. Increase Time On Page And Reduce Bounce Rate: The longer people stay on your page, the more engaged they are. Also, if they click onto other places and not immediately bounce off, that’s also a sign of quality. You can measure these via Google Analytics. If you have a Google Analytics account, you could sign in now to see the average time on site and bounce rate. If you have a low average time on site and high bounce rate, that shows you your visitors don’t find your blog content valuable. To increase the average time on site, consider writing longer posts with links to other posts on your blog. The more pages on your blog a visitor opens to read at one visit, the more time on site you get and low bounce rate. I try to make sure I link to another post on this blog at least once in every paragraph. You too can do this.
  4. Increase the speed of your blog: The speed of your site is part of the user experience. People don’t have a longer attention span. A slow server response time is going to increase your bounce rate and reduce time on page. People just don’t have the patience to sit there and wait for your site to load.
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Some things you can do to increase the speed of your blog are:

– Use a solid web host with fast loading feature. I recommend Inmotion Hosting and Siteground
– Use a Content Delivery Network.
– Clean up your code and /or plugins.
– Optimize Your Images.

Web Hosting

You know why you want a million visit monthly. So dont just read this, put it in practice to start seeing result.

Kindly share this info to help other new bloggers who’ll be in need of this information.

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