Boko Haram/Chibok girls News update

On Wednesday, 22nd April 2015, Military top brass said that in some forest location, soldiers were conducting offensives after it was announced last week that operations in the area was imminent.
It is making it one year now when 200 schoolgirls were kidnapped in the town of Chibok which is 80km away and 50miles from Sambisa Forest in Borno State.
However, it has been claimed that the 219 schoolgirls still being held were initially kept in the former game reserve, although others have said they may have been split up and moved to Chad or Cameroon.
According to Chris Olukolade, he stated that senior Boko Haram commander was killed, as well as a number of militants who attacked a patrol. He went further to state that the operations especially in forest locations are progressing in defiance of obstacles and landmines emplaced by the terrorists.
According to a statement to AFP,
“Boko Haram have buried landmines all over the routes leading to their camps in the forest, which is no doubt a huge obstacle regarding the military offensive against them”
According to the troop,
“We decided to turn back since the route was unsafe. As we were driving back, one of the vehicles carrying CJTF (Civilian Joint Task Force) hit a mine”
“A soldier and three CJTF were killed while another soldier was injured. We trudged along and made it back to Bama on Thursday.
The vigilante added: “There are no soldiers in Sambisa right now. We all returned to Bama after the horrifying experience of manoeuvring through minefields.”

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