An infant twins found dead in an apartment

A 7-month old twins found dead on Wednesday inside an apartment at Southern New Jersey.
The twins turn into purple and die on Wednesday, the mother of the 7-months old babies frantically called 911 at 8am in the morning and told a dispertcher her babies are not breathing, report said.
My twins are purple. They are not breathing! “the woman can obtain saying on the call, which was obtained by a local media outlet.
The operator advice her to call CPR, but her efforts were no fruitful and she was unable to revive then, report said.
Tasia mayweather, a family friend of the father, said he asked her for a ride to the hidenworld apartment as the incident was unfolding but the arived late.
Mayweather told the paper he’s torn up over the incident. He was so happy to be a father, and now for this to happen.
Mayweath, told the paper she had seen the kinds on Monday and they seemed to be fine, no sickness and healthy.
The canden country prosecutors office are hanging the investigation and has not released any information pertaining the twin’s death.

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