Mad Woman Delivers a Baby, Who is the Father?

Mad Woman Delivers a Baby, Who is the Father?

A 22 year old mentally-ill woman, known as Hassana in Kaduna, gave birth in broad daylight to baby boy at the Central Market, last Sunday..

Hassana gave birth to the baby right in front of a bank near the Kaduna State Media Corporation, KSMC. Hundreds of people formed a crowd and watched her while some women that cared formed a circle around her and one of them played the role of a midwife.

She has been wandering around the central market for many years until recently when she was spotted in the last few months with pregnancy, with the question, which man did the work? Or is from Angels from hell?

“Hassan was always moves in ragged clothes, scavenging food around market,” an trader in the central market told Vanguard News soon after she was delivered of her baby and had been moved to another location.

mad woman delivers a baby

mad woman delivers a baby

An unknown man has impregnated her and God has helped her to get a bouncing baby boy. While many people are looking for this type of blessing, but God desired to give it to a woman who is not even in her senses. And the father seems not to exist, and no one

A Journalist rescues

Vanguard news gathered that a journalist with Deutsche Welles, DW, Ibrahima Yakubu, who was present at the central market at the time quickly made fund available to convey both insane mother and supposed sane child to the Yusuf Danstoho Memorial Hospital, Tudun Wada, Kaduna, for proper medical assistance.

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Yukubu later contacted the Senator representing Kaduna Central senatorial disctrict, Senator Shehu Sani, who made some donations to both mother and child and also paid the hospital bills.

Other donations were also gathered from well meaning Nigerians to the new born baby and mother.

The items donated ranged from packets of pampers to bottles of Olive oil, baby cloths to underwear and assorted baby foods to tins of milk..

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